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Most mortgage companies have many levels of management and pass that cost onto the borrower. At Clear Mortgage, we eliminate those layers. We have experienced Loan Officers with that level of authority to help you get the right loan program in a faster, more efficient way. Clearly a better way of doing business.

Take control of your finances and let Clear Mortgage get you from start to finish faster and see yourself clearly in your new home today.

clear vision

Having a clear vision means that you have defined goals for the future and you can see yourself on a path that leads to your goals. At Clear Mortgage, whether you are a borrower or an employee, we are clear in all our business practices, so you can see the path clearly to your future.

Whether you want a new mortgage or a new job, see yourself at Clear Mortgage.

clear life

We all have our own ideas of what we want our life to be like...beautiful home, family, friends, travel. With a purchase or refinance mortgage, we can help you achieve your dreams.

As an employee of Clear Mortgage, we can help you achieve your goals and aspirations of an amazing life as well.

Let us help you have a wonderful clear life in a home of your dreams.



At Clear Mortgage, you get:

  • lower fees
  • great loan programs
  • specialized service
  • loans specific to your needs
  • great communication
  • clear path to your home loan
  • and more...


At Clear Mortgage, you get:

  • clear pricing
  • clear freedom
  • clear control
  • clear support
  • clear communication
  • clear path to your future
  • and more...

Clear Mortgage
Why Choose Clear

At Clear Mortgage, you get:

  • well trained Loan Officers
  • in-house processing and underwriting
  • FREE Prequalification
  • direct lender
  • close loans in 30 days or less
  • wide variety of loan programs
  • and more...