Full Transparency. From the top down.

We empower our loan officers and branch managers to see where EVERY dollar in our company flows. Let us show you how much your funded business is worth on the secondary market. 

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Loan Officers

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Designed For the Entrepreneur in YOU

At Clear Mortgage, in addition to receiving W2 income, vested salespeople will receive K1 distributions annually. As we grow, we all win.

Control Your Business How you See Fit

We give you the control on how to run and operate your report card. You control the dollars going in and out.

Build a Team or Roll Solo

You have the ability to work towards building your own team OR operate as an independent LO.

No Subsidy Requests

Every time you lock a loan, you see the total revenue from that loan and how it will impact your business.

The American Dream TV

Our loan officers are hosts of A national TV show, focused on real estate, lifestyle, & culture in markets across the USA

Travel Channel
Fox Business

Why Clear Mortgage

Clear Vision. Clear View. Clear Life.

The main reasons why producers are choosing Clear Mortgage to partner with.


We empower our loan officers by showing them where all the revenue flows on every loan file.


Each salesperson has the ability to vest ownership in Clear Mortgage LLC and recieve lifetime distributions.

Full Support Stack

Every loan officer is treated like a high producer with the same resources that high producers have. NO matter if you're closing 2 loans per month or 30

Control your business

In our model, we show you how much revenue your loans generate, and leave it up to you on how to spend the profits.


We provide a all in one solution to industry leading marketing & branding technology. Clear Connect will change your business.

Clear Connect Suite

We provide our loan officers with industry leading tech to help marketing and lead generation efforts.

The Idea

To provide done-for-you services that take your business to the next level. A one stop marketing shop.

Our Leaders

Solid Leadership from Top Down

Bill Sandvig Co-Founder
Sher Sandvig National Processing Manager

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